Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Stuff We Like: Health Care Resources

Physicians Reach Out
   601 E 5th Street, Suite 140, Charlotte, NC, 28202
   Children & Family Services Building

   Health care for uninsured residents of Mecklenburg County

   There is an application fee of $20 - then renew by mail & pay $20 yearly

Current PRO Eligibility Criteria (2013)
1. US Citizen or Resident Alien
2. Resident of Mecklenburg County for at least 3 months
3. Meet income guidelines
Household Size
Max Income
Definition of Household:
Mom, Dad, & children
under 18 living with parents
4. Not be covered by or eligible for Medicaid, Medicare, or other health insurance
5. Not have an open Worker's Comp case
6. Not be pregnant
7. No more than $6,000 in savings
8. No sliding scale clinic visit for 24 months - after reading the current requirements
      again, we're not sure if having used a sliding scale clinic in the last 2 years is
      absolutely preclusive - you may want to apply anyway - here is what the
      application says:
You cannot have been enrolled in CMC's sliding scale program for primary care at CMC Myers Park, CMC Northpark, CMC Biddle Point, or Elizabeth Family Medicine within the past 24 months. You can apply if you have a specialty referral from one of the other clinics. If you have ben a patient of a free clinic in Mecklenburg County in the last two years, you must have a current, valid referral for specialty care from that clinic in order to enroll in Physicians Reach Out. This includes but is not limited to Charlotte Community Health Clinic and C.W. Williams.
Easy Steps to Take
1. Complete the Pre-Screening Questionnaire  
2. Print the PRO Application Packet     
3. Call 704-248-1072 to schedule an Eligibility Interview
    We strongly suggest calling 704-248-0172 ASAP to make an Eligibility Appointment -
      it may take a couple weeks to get in
In the meantime get all your paperwork together
Applicants can bring an adult friend or family member who can stay with them
  throughout the application process which lasts about an hour
Gather all your documentation and take it in a big envelope – you’ll be glad you did, there are so many parts
Checklist of documents to bring
                make & bring photocopies of everything if you can – they will keep some of them
                also bring your ID/Driver’s License, SS card, voter registration/passport/birth certificate hard copies
£  $20 cash (not photocopy J )
£  Application Packet – completed
£  Photo ID – driver’s license, or officially issued photo ID, or passport
£  Social Security Card
£  Proof of US citizenship/resident status – voter registration card, or passport, or birth certificate
£  Income info – see application
£  Current bank statement – photocopy or printed from online account info
£  Proof of Meck Co residence – utility bill from 3-6 mo ago, or lease… with your name & address
£  Health insurance info request – if you are employed your employer fills this out
£  Tax return – photocopy or if you filed online just print out your return – they do not need originals
£  Verification of Non-Filing – if you did not earn & did not file taxes – fill out & bring with application – not necessary to send this request to the IRS, PRO just keeps it on file
£  Household bills/expenses – you don’t need all of these, just the ones you have
                Lease/Rent agreement or Mortgage coupon or property tax record if house has no mortgage
                Car payment
                Car insurance
                Home owners/Renters insurance
                Child Support/Alimony that you pay
                Anything else

MedAssist is upstairs in the same building
  Apply there for Prescription Medication coverage


Available Medications
    somewhat limited Rx list - but very helpful if something you take is on the list
    they do not dispense generics

Enrollment for Mecklenburg County residents

Enrollment for NC residents - other than Mecklenburg County
CareRing Programs include:
     Low Cost Clinic
     Nurse-Family Partnership
     Physicians Reach Out (PRO)